: Effectiveness Through Documentation


I write beautiful content at 8 cents per word. 5,000 word minimum on all orders. This isn’t a full time thing for me, so availability and volume is limited. I also handle SEO and WordPress posting of the articles at no additional cost, providing a complete hands-off solution for recurring clients. Interested? PM me for more.

I also have a 60-site PBN I have been taking special care of growing for over a year. Most sites are in the business, finance, real estate, or health niches. I’m selling links on these sites for $7 each. RD is up to 64, DA up to 23, and some sites are already ranking for over 100 keywords. OBL for all sites is under 5, and will never exceed 25. I have utilized the PBN in the past to great success, and plan to continue doing so. Selling links is a good way to fund upkeep and continue reinvestment in the network. Interested? You know what to do.

As with all aspects of my business-side lifestyle, I pride myself on excellent customer service and transparency. I won’t leave customers in the dark, and I won’t sugarcoat anything to try and save face. My turnaround times are not guaranteed, as I stay very busy, but I try to ensure you are always up to speed, and provide free content and links if timelines stretch.

Give Sherb a whirl, and see what quality and attention to detail can add to your projects.